IPM+ Intelligent Power Management

IPM+ is a patented ‘Application Sensor based’, User interaction based, Fine grain Controlled, Power Management Solution that saves 30- 50% of Device power consumption. Resources are provided to applications based on their need at any point of time. With built-in Soft Energy Meter IPM+ can measure both power consumption and savings for Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Tablet and Smartphones

Global Impact

  • 4.11 Million Devices
  • 591.56 Gwh Units of Energy Used
  • 561 Billion Liters of Water Used
  • 268569 Metric Tons of CO2 Saved

Deep expertise in fine grained power management on IT Assets Team comprises of experts from HP, Dell, Intel, Qualcomm, IBM, TCS, Infosys, etc.

17+ United states patent with the core team

Approved software for energy rebates in US product certified by Microsoft incubated co. 2.4 Million HP devices in Japan have IPM+

Specialists in high performance system engineering

ESQ - ATM/Self-service Monitoring and Management Platform

The best enterprise-class, business-transaction management solutions enabling banks, retailers and managed service providers to proactively monitor and manage critical ATM and payment infrastructures.

Network Management Software

E Magic is a web based NMS system for IT asset management, device deployment, comprehensive server monitoring and network management in datacenters spread across different geo-locations. This system software provides a central Management Platform that automatically deploys the servers, monitors & manages them proficiently & responds to the client needs as a Managed Service.

Inventory and Asset Management

Deploy introductory IT Asset & Inventory with eMagic, which logically builds and later maintains each deployment type with full automation

Network Monitoring

Unique feature of monitoring dynamic network routes and its impact, IP SLA monitoring and Bandwidth predictions for decision making

Notifications and Alerts

Sends alerts/notifications via emails, SMSs.Notification of critical services via Mobile App.

Network Management

Manage dynamic changes in network via network topology Manage routing based on trace route analysis Manage IP resource and IP reputation Monitor URLS for in-depth monitoring

ITIL Framework Compliant

Incident Management System for real time incidents Problem management system Change management systems.

Netflow Analyser

Collect, store, analyse traffic through Netflow collector. Get top users, top destinations Top protocols, top applications

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