IPM+ Intelligent Power Management

IPM+ is a patented ‘Application Sensor based’, User interaction based, Fine grain Controlled, Power Management Solution that saves 30- 50% of Device power consumption. Resources are provided to applications based on their need at any point of time. With built-in Soft Energy Meter IPM+ can measure both power consumption and savings for Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Tablet and Smartphones

Approved software for energy rebates in US product certified by Microsoft incubated co. 2.4 Million HP devices in Japan have IPM+

Specialists in high performance system engineering

Deep expertise in fine grained power management on IT Assets Team comprises of experts from HP, Dell, Intel, Qualcomm, IBM, TCS, Infosys, etc.

17+ United states patent with the core team


IPM+ is a Power Management & Saving Solution using AI/ML models for powering adaptive power policies to deliver 30% to 50% power savings.

Easy to deploy and manage, can scale to 300,000 nodes

IPM+ is non-intrusive leveraging its patented ‘Application Sensor’ technologies.

Adaptive power schemes can adapt based on rules, utilization, groups etc dynamically Enhanced Savings via Predictive actions using neural network models

Meter measures both power consumption and savings up to +/- 10% accuracy to a HW meter certified by Big 4 Auditor Co.

4.11 Million Devices,591.56 Gwh Units of Energy Used,561 Billion Liters of Water Used,268569 Metric Tons of CO2 Saved

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