ESQ - ATM/Self-service Monitoring and Management Platform

The best enterprise-class, business-transaction, solutions “single pane of management” solution enabling banks, retailers and managed service providers to proactively monitor and manage critical ATM and payment infrastructures.

Features at a glance

Correlation Engine

ESQ correlates data from multiple data sources, ATM, switch, network, etc., to ensure proactive response. All types of fault data are captured in the system and used to enhance service intelligence and facilitate predictive maintenance.

Automated Dispatch Management

ESQ provides the ability to send automated alerts and notifications to service providers using a variety of channels, email, voice, SMS, mobile etc. Automated escalation and notification procedures can be defined using escalation trees to ensure adherence to service levels.

Remote Command & Control

ESQ optionally supports remote management of ATMs using agent technologies. Key supported features include XFS monitoring, remote command and control of ATMs, remote reboots, EJ pulling, file transfer, and content distribution.

Availability Management

ESQ is designed to support service-level management in a multi-vendor ATM environment. Service providers have access to the ATM portal and dashboards to monitor the health of their ATM devices. They can initiate corrective actions in case ATMs go out of service. ATM fault history data is available to them to identify failure patterns and initiate proactive maintenance.

Integrated IMS

ESQ features an optional IMS module to facilitate trouble-ticket management for faults originating from the ATM network. It can also be integrated with third-party help desks for automated field-service dispatching.

Key Business Benefits

Key business benefits delivered include increased operational efficiency, higher availability, lower cost of ownership, and the ability to respond in real-time to business-critical events. Business managers have access to operational intelligence and actionable insights for real-time decision-making. Leveraging an agile technology platform to facilitate Business Service Management, ESQ can help businesses modernize and transform ATM operations. Leading banks, payment processors, independent service operators, and retailers trust their mission-critical business to ESQ.